Podcast # 722 – Book Talk – 1903.31

This week on the podcast I talk about books.  First, I cover some recent TV & movies I’ve been watching and enjoying (yeah, not enjoying you “Walking Dead”).  Cover a few other things related to conventions coming up this year then it’s on to the main topic.

I’ve always been a big reader and in recent years I’m getting more reading done via Audible that really helps on my long drives each day.  I talk about how I got into reading at a young age and some of the classics I read.  Then I go into some of my favorites from the last few years and play some audio clips from the books too.  It’s always fun to cover books and I hope I get you excited enough to check out some of the titles I mention this week.

Next weekend Mark will be here with a guest cast and I’ll be back in couple weeks with another show.  Until next time take care and enjoy your week.

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