Podcast # 724 – “Q2” – 1904.14

This week the big geek news is the trailer to “Episode IX: The Return of Skywalker.”  But first up this week I do a commentary on the seventh season episode of Voyager called “Q2” and talk about other topics too.

The Voyager episode this week that I cover features Q and Q’s son – also called Q.  It’s a fun episode and comments on raising children and a few other lessons too.  And it’s always great to see John de Lancie as Q once again (his last appearance actually as Q in Trek).  Hope you enjoy my commentary.

The new trailer for the next “Star Wars” film looks amazing and great of course.  That title is a shocker too.  I hope they end the saga on a high note but I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of some of these characters.  I will post the trailer below for you too.

Next week Jeff will be here with a guest cast.  Until then take care and enjoy your week ahead.

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