Podcast # 734 – Comic Talk – 1907.07

This week it’s a bit of a casual type of show where I talk about recent movies, TV, and comics.  I start off talking (spoiler-free) about “Spider-Man: Far From Home” which I enjoyed.  Then I talk a little about “Stranger Things” season 3 and then move on to comics.  I talk some about recent books I’m reading, give some suggestions on multiple ways to read comics these days and other comments about the comic industry too.  Hope you enjoy this somewhat shorter and more casual mid-summer show this week.

Next week should be a guest cast, the week after there will be a skip week as I will be at San Diego Comic Con and then the week after that there will be vidcast about the con.  That kind of rounds out July’s shows.  So, enjoy your summer and be careful out there!

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