Podcast # 746 – Skype Chat with Chris – 1910.13

Chris and I got on Skype this week to talk “Joker” and “El Camino” and more.

I was going to do a retro 80’s show this week about old TV shows, but Chris just saw the “Joker” film a few days ago so we decided to do an impromptu Skype call and talk about the movie.  We do a spoiler filled review and also talk about the “Breaking Bad” Netflix movie called “El Camino” even though it isn’t really a genre film, it’s still really cool.  Then we wrap things up with some “Titans” tv talk and some Trek things too.  Really great chat and thanks to Chris from “Star Wars Stacks” for joining me with little notice.

Next week should be a guest spot and I’ll be back in two weeks with a special Halloween vidcast.  Until next time, have fun and enjoy your week ahead.