Podcast # 766 – Picard Season 1: Skype Chat – 2003.29

This week for the podcast it’s all about season one of “Star Trek: Picard.” I got on Skype earlier today with Jen, Angela & Chris to discuss what we all thought about season one of this latest “Star Trek” TV series. I had a great time talking to my friends about this and not about that other thing going on in the world right now – for a change. There are spoilers in this show of course, so you have been warned. I hope you enjoy listening and this brightens your day a bit. Big thanks to Jen & Angela from the “Anomaly Podcast” and Chris from the “Star Wars Stacks Podcast” for joining me this week. Always fun talking to all of you!

I’m still working out the April podcast schedule, but tune in next week for a new show. Until then, take care and stay safe out there.

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