Podcast # 798 – Mega Disney – 2012.13

This week I mainly focus on going over the recent Disney announcements for new series coming to Disney+ along with feature film talk and announcements. I also cover some of the recent stuff going on in Trek and “The Mandalorian” show too.

A few days ago at the Disney investor meeting a HUGE amount of upcoming content was announced. Many new Marvel series, films and projects are coming as well as many new “Star Wars” related content too. So, much it’s going to be hard to keep up with it all. Of course, this all will be spread out over the next few years but it is exciting. I break it down and play some of the announcement stuff too right from the folks directly working on all this.

Marvel Studios link to panel announcements

Star Wars link to panel announcements

Next week I’m planning to do a Skype chat to talk about a variety of recent topics and especially the second season of “The Mandalorian” series. Until next time stay safe, wear your masks and enjoy the week ahead.

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