Podcast # 809 – Top 80’s SF Films – 2102.28

Mark is back this week guest hosting with his top 10 Sci-Fi movies from the 1980’s. Here are some words from the man himself on his latest podcast.

Hello Everybody! This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another science fiction movie countdown.  This week I’ll be counting down movies from the 1980s.  My list includes movies featuring aliens, deadly replicants, a space sheriff, video games, and time travel.  These movies are my top ten movies of that decade and all of them are fun to watch.  I hope you all enjoy it!  I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.  Until then, take care of yourselves and stay healthy! This is M-5 signing off…

Big thanks to Mark for another great guest cast. Next I will be back with a look at the Wonder Woman franchise from comics to TV to films. Take care until then and stay safe.

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