Podcast # 813 – SNYDERCUT – 2103.28

This week Chris and I are all about the SNYDERCUT (also know as, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League”)! We got on Skype earlier to discuss this 4 hour megamovie and also talk about the preceding Zack Snyder DCU films as well. We cover the changes, what we thought about the movie of course and what the future might hold. We even get a little deep and psychological near the end of our Skype chat. Really fun to talk about this epic film. Obviously there will be some spoilers on what is in this version and the previous 2017 version. Hope you enjoy this fun talk. You can hear more from Chris over on his Star Wars Stacks show along with other friends of both of ours.

Next week I’m going to try to get a guest host for the show. So, enjoy your week and stay safe out there.

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