Podcast # 821 – “Architects Of Fear” – 2106.06

This week my main man Mark is back with another great podcast about another classic episode of “The Outer Limits.” Here are some words from Mark about his latest show.

Hello Everybody!  This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with another episode of “The Outer Limits.”  This week’s episode is “The Architects of Fear”, starring Robert Culp and Geraldine Brooks.  This episode is always one of the top three favorite episodes of the series.  It’s classic science fiction at its best.  I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll be back soon with some more classic science fiction.Until then…Stay safe and stay healthy…This is M-5 signing off…

Big thanks once again to Mark for another great podcast. I’ll be back next week with a rundown on upcoming films we are getting during the rest of 2021. Until next time, enjoy your week ahead.

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