Podcast # 825 – Replaced TV Music – 2107.11

A spur of the moment new idea for the show today about the topic of TV music that gets replaced in TV shows later on due to licensing rights. I first give a short spoiler free review of the new “Black Widow” movie that is finally out in the theaters. I talk about some other streaming TV I’ve been watching and some other movie talk too before the main subject.

There is a problem sometimes with the rights to music used in TV shows and it means it gets replaced later. This can really change a show and I try to point out some examples of this trend. I did find a cool website that lists songs used in TV shows HERE, but these do sometimes get replaced for syndication, streaming, etc. It’s an interesting topic. I think newer TV shows are doing better about this than in the past.

Next week will be a guest cast with Mark and in two weeks it will be a Patreon chat. Hope everyone is staying well and getting vaccinated if you can and haven’t yet. Take care and enjoy your week.

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