Podcast # 835 – “Escape from New York” – 2110.03

This week Mark is back in the center seat with a look at the classic film, “Escape from New York.” Here are some words from Mark on this great movie.

Hello Everybody!
This is Mark Daniels from the Great Pacific Northwest and I’m back this week with another  classic science fiction movie.  This week’s movie is a cult classic from 1981.  It’s John Carpenter’s “Escape From New York.”  I remember seeing this at the theater.  It’s a great movie!  I hope all enjoy the podcast.  I’ll be back soon with another classic science fiction movie.
Until then…
Everyone took care and stay healthy!
This is M-5 signing off…

Thanks again Mark for another cool podcast. I’ll be here next week with a look at Bond, James Bond as we finally get to see the final Daniel Craig Bond movie opening later this week here in the US. Until next time take care and enjoy your week.