Podcast # 843 – “VIRTUAL REALITY” – 2112.12

This week’s show is a very cool and fun topic – VIRTUAL REALITY. Mainly in movies and a few other things. First up I talk about the usual stuff such as what I’ve been watching. I’m excited for the next “Spider-Man” movie coming out later this week too! Lots of great new things to watch these days on TV and out at the movies too – much better than last year.

The main topic is virtual reality in films and I run down several of the big franchises in this area and some more obscure movies as well. Things like “Tron” and “The Matrix” are covered and I play trailers for several of these. I do love the idea of getting lost in a VR world and I think this type of movie will be one that will be a regular thing for many years to come.

That’s it for this week. If you want to send in a short, holiday video clip make sure I have them by Dec. 22nd. They can be emailed to me at: treksf@gmail.com. Next week will be a guest cast by Mark. I’ll be back just before Christmas with my annual holiday vidcast. Until next time, take care and enjoy your week.