Podcast # 867 – Alternate Universes – 2207.03

Fun concept to discuss this week – alternate or parallel universe. I first cover the recent TV and movies I’ve been watching before hitting the main topic. I have a pretty deep discussion about the concept of alternate or parallel universes. The basic concept which is, what if each decision or choice you make creates an alternate universe that would lead to an infinite number of universe. It’s fun to think about and has been used in SF TV, movies, and books for some time. I’m reading a great book right now called “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch that is fiction but uses this concept well in the story. I also found a listing on IMDB of various films with this concept and also where time travel is involved sometimes too. Lots of fun stuff to consider and watch.

Next week I am planning to do a group chat and cover season 1 of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” with some friends. Until next time, a big Happy 4th of July to my fellow Americans and stay safe and well this week.

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