Podcast # 869 – “Soldier” – 2207.17

This week Mark Daniels is back with a look at another classic episode from “The Outer Limits.” Here are some words from the man himself on his latest guest cast.

Hello Everybody! This is Mark Daniels from The Great Pacific Northwest.  I’m back this week with some more classic science fiction.  Today I’ll review an episode of “The Outer Limits.”  The episode is “Soldier,” starring Lloyd Nolan, Tim O’Connor and Michael Ansara.  This is a classic time travel episode similar to James Cameron’s The Terminator.  So similar that Harlan Ellison sued the producers of the film for plagiarism.   This is a great episode of “The Outer Limits!”  I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll be back soon with some more classic science fiction. Until then…Everyone take and enjoy your workweek! This is M-5 signing Off…

Big thanks for covering this classic story from this classic TV series. Next weekend I’ll be out at San Diego Comic Con after 3 long years. Keep an eye on the TSF Facebook group for pics and posts. And for even more exclusive stuff from SDCC, just join the TSF Patreon group to support the show and the content.

My next official show with be on July 31st and a vidcast covering SDCC. Until next time, take and enjoy the weeks ahead.