Podcast #923 – “The Orville” Music for Season Two – 2312.31

As has been tradition, Vartok does a guest cast either at the end of the year or first one in the New Year. He is here this week with a super cool podcast all about the music from season 2 of “The Orville.” I love the series and Vartok does his usual great job giving us lots of background info. Here is some info from Vartok himself on this show.

Owing to the influence of executive producer and creator Seth MacFarlane, the music to the spacefaring series The Orville, Season 2, is more than just a backdrop.  The music is really a vital force that propels the narrative forward, adding layers of emotion, tension, and depth to the already captivating universe of The Orville.  Composers John Debney, Joel McNeely, and Andrew Cottee, along with Bruce Broughton who created the Main Title and End Title themes, showcased their musical prowess delivering a symphonic masterpiece as you take a sonic journey through the cosmos.  Vartok presents his analysis and provides examples in this one-hour tribute to The Music of the Orville Season 2.

I really enjoy these podcasts as I’m a big soundtrack and music fan too. Big thanks to Vartok for this guest podcast.

A big Happy 2024 New Year to all my listeners. Hope the year starts off great for you! Take care and I’ll be here next weekend with a brand-new show!

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