Podcast #925 – “Star Trek: Resurgence” – 2401.14

Cool show this week folks. I got to interview the two writers who worked on the “Star Trek: Resurgence” video game (available on PC, PS, XBox). I spoke for a bit more than an hour with Dan Martin and Andrew Grant and we discussed the game in quite a bit of detail. I especially talked to them about the way the game is structured and the various decisions you make to shape your game experience. To me the game feels like you are put into your own episode of “Star Trek” that you get to play out. I’m not the biggest gamer around but I’m really enjoying this one. Big thanks to Dan and Andrew for their time – along with some free game codes. Listen to the podcast to learn more about that.

Next week will be a skip week but I’ll be back in two weeks with a new show. Take care until then.

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