Podcast #927 – “Sports & Sci-Fi” – 2402.11

This week with the Superbowl happening later today I thought it would be fun to cover sports in Sci-Fi. There are actually quite a few futuristic films that involve sports. First up I talk about various topics mainly related to what I’ve been watching lately. Some non-SF stuff too. Then on to the main topic.

I’m not the biggest sports fan but I appreciate sports and thought it would be fun to cover sports from a nerd viewpoint. I go over a number of films that involve sports in a Sci-Fi setting. Many of these I really enjoy too. As always I can’t cover all of them but I hope this got you thinking about stuff worth watching maybe later after the big game or sometime soon.

I’ll be back in two weeks with a new show. Until then take care and stay well.

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