Podcast #934 – Motor City Comic Con 2024 – 2405.19

This time I’m covering Motor City Comic Con 2024. The annual, local comic con I got to most every year and went to yesterday. I first chat about some recent TV and movies I’ve watched. Some good stuff and some ok stuff is out to see for us geeks lately – and always more to come. Then I move on to talking about the con.

I went yesterday with my two sons and had a good time. Just visited the show floor and went to one panel with the Mandalorian stars. I talk a little about the oddness of pricing for photo ops and autographs too. This year at this con they had quite a few celeb guest – more than typical I would say. Sometimes I think I should spend more time at this con, but I’ve been so many times maybe a quick day there is just fine.

I’ll be back in two weeks with probably a look at the final season of DISCO and more. Take care until next time and enjoy yourself out there.

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