Podcast #936 – “Space Command: Redemption” – 2406.09

A special podcast this week. I was able to interview a few of the folks who have worked on the “Space Command” series. Specially I spoke with Marc Scott Zicree (writer/director), Doug Jones (actor), and Ethan McDowell (actor). We mainly focused on the “Space Command: Redemption” film, but this is a multi-part series and Marc details his plans for the series. We cover many topics such as crowd funding, writing, and other related items to bringing a series like this to the screen. I had a great time during the roughly hour long interview. The interview is mainly an audio podcast, but we had our cameras on and I recorded a small amount of video that you can see HERE if you are a Patreon supporter. Big thanks to the guys for speaking with me.

For more info on this, check out Marc’s YouTube page at Mr. Sci-Fi HERE.

I’ll be back in two weeks with a new podcast. Until then, take care and enjoy yourself.

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