Blu-Ray Contest!

On the podcast today (2/13/2011) I announced a podcast to win a double pack of some cool Blu-Ray titles.  This contest is the A&E Home Video’s Sci-Fi and Culture Classics Blu-ray prize pack giveaway and the winner will receive two series of Blu-Rays discs in one cool package.  The sets are “Space: 1999” Season One and the other set is “The Prisoner” (full series), both on Blu-Ray.  The inner will receive both!  To enter the contest, you have one week to send me an email with the subject line reading, “I am not a number.”  The contest is open to those in the United States and Canada.  So get those emails to me before next Sunday, 2/20/2011 when I will announce the winner picked at random from all the entries.  Good luck!

update:  Rick Moyer was our winner!  Congrats to him and thanks to those that entered.

Latest Podcast Schedule

Here’s a new thread showing what is ahead for the podcast:

Schedule update:

Nov.   7th – TNG – “Peak Performance” w/ Rick Moyer
Nov. 14th – Collectibles/Gifts
Nov. 21st – DS9 – “Change of Heart”
Nov. 28th – Road Show 2
Dec.  5th – ENT – “Carpenter Street”
Dec. 12th – Vampires

Schedule update:

Dec. 19th – “Chuck” guest cast with Tim & Dan
Dec. 26th – Post Holiday Recap
Jan.  2nd –  Rick Moyer hosts the Best of TSF
Jan.  9th –  TOS – “Return to Tomorrow”
Jan. 16th – Year that Was – 1983
Jan. 23rd – TNG – “A Fistful of Datas”

Little update to the schedule:

Jan. 30th – Rick M. & Jedi Jeff cover “Galactica: 1980”
Feb. 6th:   VOY – “Timeless”
Feb. 13th:  “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade”
Feb. 20th:  DS9 – “Tears of the Prophets”

More new shows….

Feb.  27th:  “Rocky Horror Picture Show” with Meds
March  7th:  TNG – “All Good Things…”
March 14th:  Skype Chat (3/13)
March 20th:  TOS – “All our Yesterdays”
March 27th:  The Year that Was – 1999

Mevio and Treks in Sci-Fi

You can also listen to the podcast (or watch it – if it’s a videocast) over at my page at Mevio HERE.  Several months ago they added me to their line up of shows.  They host many shows and still allow podcasters complete control over their content and so forth.  So I just thought I would mention it here.  And if you are over there, check out some of the other cool content they offer.  Of course after you listen to the last episode of my podcast and get your fill of geeky goodness for the week!

Upcoming Podcast Schedule

An update to the upcoming podcast schedule for “Treks in Sci-Fi.”  I try to post this stuff ahead of time to hopefully give people some time to send in audio comments for upcoming podcasts (please send those in at anytime prior to the podcast dates).  I hope there are some subjects here that will peak your interest.  I try to mix things up and give everyone something they may enjoy.  It’s fun to mix Trek type shows with other special topics.  If anyone has an idea for a subject or would like to do a guest shot on your own podcast, just drop me an email at:  Thanks!

Nov.  8th – Bond Guest Cast w/ Meds & Peter
Nov. 15th – DS9 – “Doctor Bashir, I Presume”
Nov. 22nd – Skype Chat (recorded on the 21st)
Nov. 29th – Bionic Guest Cast w/ Rick Moyer & Richard Peete
Dec.  6th  – TOS – “Dagger of the Mind”

and another update for you….

Dec. 13th – “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
Dec. 20th – VOY – “11:59”
Dec. 27th – Trek-Mas Vidcast – looking back on 2009
Jan.  3rd  – Vartok Guest Cast – music of John Williams

and even another update….(adjusted)

Jan. 24th – “The Fellowship of the Ring”
Jan. 31st  – TNG – “The Most Toys”
Feb.   7th – Short lived Sci-Fi TV
Feb. 14th – Guest Cast (TBA)
Feb. 21st  – Star Wars – Fan Films – vidcast

and even more updates for you,…

March  7th – Guest Cast with Meds, etc. looking at the last Doctor Who episodes
March 14th – The Klingon Show – with in studio guest Rick Peete
March 21st – ENT – “Cold Station 12” & “The Augments”
March 28th – “The X Files” – look at the series
April  4th    – Guest Cast featuring Rick Moyer & TNG’s “Coming of Age”
April 11th   –  TOS – “A Private Little War”

updating the list….

April 18th   –  Interview with Trek author Mike Martin
April 25th   –  VOY – “Alice”
May  2nd   –  Film – “Donnie Darko”
May  9th   –  Guest Cast featuring Jedi Jeff & “The Time Tunnel”
May 16th  –  Skype Call – summer movies

even more updates….

May 23th  –  “The Empire Strikes Back” – a look back
May 30th  –  Road Show – no agenda 2
June 6th   –  DS9 – “In the Pale Moonlight”
June 13th –  “The Big Bang Theory”
June 20th –  guest cast – TBD

New upates…

June 20th –  “Highlander” series & movies – guest host Al
June 27th –   ENT – “Cease Fire”
July 4th –   Sci-Fi Author David Williams interview
July 11th –  Trek Sidekicks
July 18th – Firefly/Serenity

and some more updates

July 25th – TNG – “Ensign Ro”
Aug. 1st –  “Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom”
Aug. 8th –    Doctor Who Guest Cast
Aug. 15th –  TOS – “What are Little Girls Made Of?
Aug. 22nd –  Wizard World Chicago Con (vidcast?)
Aug. 29th –  5th Anniversary Live show

and another update for you

Sept.  5th – Rick Moyer and “Conspiracy” (TNG)
Sept. 12th – “Message in a Bottle” (VOY)
Sept. 19th – “Legend of the Seeker” (series)
Sept. 26th – Spock/Vulcans w/ co-host Rick Peete
Oct.   3rd – guest spot (TBA)

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Donations appreciated

The annual site hosting fees are due this month.  This pays for the website, podcast hosting and everything else related to keeping “Treks in Sci-Fi” up and running for the next year.  I try to only ask, when needed, and now is definitely the time to donate – if you can.  So, if you enjoy the podcast, the website, the forum, and so forth, please click the link below and donate what you can.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks to those that have donated in the past and know that all donations are greatly appreciated.  Thanks folks for helping to support the podcast and the site!