Sneaky Zebra Music Videos


A group called Sneaky Zebra has been making some amazing music videos from their visits to various cons featuring an array of cosplayers, celebrities, and just fans. These are really awesome to watch and they give me all kinds of ideas for future videos I’d like to try to do. You can follow them HERE on YouTube and I will list a sample group of their stuff below. Really great stuff!


“The Flash” TV series

Starting early next month on the CW, “The Flash” will start it’s run on TV.  This is a spin-off from the “Arrow” series that introduced the Barry Allen character and showed how he gets his amazing speed powers.  The previews so far look terrific and I’m looking forward to this series quite a bit.  I like the main actor playing Barry and the whole cast looks terrific.  Add to that some occasional ties to the great “Arrow” series and I think we have a can’t miss show here.  Check out some of the preview stuff below.  And get ready for “The Flash” in early October on the CW.


“Guardians of the Galaxy” is terrific!


What a fantastic movie!  It’s my favorite of the year.  Great cast, good story, cool action, humor, drama, lots of heart – go see it as soon as possible.  I’m positive you will love it too!  I want to go again right now!

“True Blood” – music video


Since the last season of my favorite vampire show “True Blood” has begun I made this music video tribute to the show with clips from all the seasons.  I’ve really enjoyed this series and all the characters and stories over the last seven seasons.  I hope they go out with a bang (or a fang).  LOL!

“Edge of Tomorrow” is terrific!


I saw this new sci-fi film with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt recently and really enjoyed it.  The story is very cool, the cast is excellent, and it looks amazing too.  Lots of action with a very solid story about an alien invasion, time travel, and even a little romance tossed in as well.  This is that rare summer film that is not a sequel or prequel or something that has no story and is just all action – no, this is something more than that.  Make sure to see this one in the theaters.  I know you will enjoy it.

“Star Wars” – Episode 7 cast


This past week the cast of actors for Episode 7 was revealed.  Almost all the original cast is back (except Billy Dee Williams it seems).  With a group of young, fresh, mainly unknown actors to take over the franchise.  All appears to be moving along and in good hands.  I’m getting excited for the next chapter in the continuing Star Wars saga – due out in December, 2015.  May the 4th be with you!

“Love Me Again” – music videos


I’m a big fan of John Newman’s “Love Me Again” song.  I am also a fan of music videos made by fans using certain songs in conjunction with shows I like.  So, here below are a few music videos set to John’s great song.  I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.  And make sure to check out John’s original song and music video right HERE too.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” – ROCKS!


Ok, if you haven’t gone out to see this movie yet what are you waiting for?  This is not only one of the best of the Marvel comic book films, it’s just a great movie for everyone.  It’s got action of course, but there’s a solid story, good acting and some wonderful character moments too.  I urge you to go see one of the coolest films of the year so far.  I promise that you will definitely enjoy it and have a very fun time.  Also, make sure to stay until the very end as there are two little scenes during the credits to enjoy.  Have fun!