Rogue One – Final Full Trailer

This movie looks better and better with each new trailer and TV spot.  This is the second full trailer and it’s fantastic.  Really looking forward to seeing this movie next month.  May the Force Be With You!

“Rogue One” – teaser trailer


This looks amazing!  Very excited for next December when this arrives in theaters.


Kylo Ren – Undercover Boss

Adam Driver guested on SNL this week and did this awesome sketch.  Great stuff!  Check out the clip below.

“The Force Awakens” – TV Spots


I’ve always loved movie trailers and TV spots. When done well, they excite you for the movie without giving the whole story away.  “The Force Awakens” seems to be doing it right.  In this post I’m going to just start listing all the TV spots leading up to the movie on December 18, 2015.  As I write this there are seven spots so far.  So, here we go….

Even more Force Awakens…


Just when we thought we wouldn’t see anymore clips or stuff from the upcoming Episode 7 film, two new video’s have popped up.  One is an international trailer with new footages and the latest is the first of the TV spots.  I’m sure many more TV spots will follow soon.  We are almost a month away.  This is getting REALLY exciting now!!!

“The Force Awakens” – Final, full trailer


So, earlier this week we got the first and final full trailer for the upcoming Episode 7 film, “The Force Awakens.”  Had to sit through some football first to see it last Monday night, but it was worth it.  JJ Abrams and his team are certainly working very hard at keeping a lot of this film a mystery (like where the heck is Luke), but I’m good with that.  In an age where everything is known and there are no secrets it is a nice change to not know everything about a movie before going in to see it.  I’ve got my tickets already and I am super excited by the look, feel and tone of this film.  The Force is with us once again.


“Star Wars: Legacy of the Force” – Fan Film


A really cool “Star Wars” fan film set in the Legacy of the Force book era (now called ‘Legends’) that involves a cool confrontation between Jaina and Jacean Solo is a lot of fun to watch.  Very nice production values and this has a nice overall look to it.  Check it out below.

“The Force Awakens” – teaser #3


The third teaser trailer has popped up for “Star Wars – Episode VII: The Force Awakens.”  A couple new things here and a pretty big reveal at the end.  I really like the slow bits of info we are getting to promote this movie that is only about 3.5 months away now.  Can hardly wait for it – but I love the suspense JJ Abrams is building up for all of us.  So cool!