Project: Enterprise

There is an effort and fund raising campaign going on now to recreate a new model of the Motion Picture Enterprise filming model.  They are going to do it bigger and better than ever before.  Check the video out below and you can learn more about this cool project online HERE and also on Facebook HERE.  Looks to be a cool project and one that should be fun to watch as it proceeds.  Check it out!

“Star Trek: Renegades” – full trailer

The full trailer is now up for this Tim Russ (Tuvok) fan/pro film coming this summer (2015) called “Star Trek: Renegades.”  This movie boasts a stellar cast and looks to have very high production values.  Check out the trailer below and see what you think of this very cool look Trek fan/pro film.

Leonard Nimoy passes away

About a week ago we lost a true legend.  Leonard Nimoy or as he is known to geeks everywhere, Mr. Spock passed away.  He certainly made a lasting impression on me and helped shape the life and type of person I am.  I will certainly miss seeing him in future work and at conventions but I am so grateful to all he gave to us on “Star Trek” and all his other projects, photography and other work.  He will be truly missed by all.  I made a tribute video for him and you can check it out below.  Thanks for the memories Leonard.

Simpsons Trek

The Simpsons has always loved putting in gags from “Star Trek” on their show.  Last week they did something really special and did an entire credit sequence featuring images that used the characters in classic Trek scenes.  Very cool stuff and just goes to show how much everyone loves classic Trek still.  CBS – give us a new classic Trek style series!  PLEASE!

“Star Trek 3″ – July 8, 2016

So, it was announced that the next Trek film is set to arrive on July 8, 2016.  This news set down a target for those working on this film and is welcome news with all the recent changes in script and director.  Roberto Orci is only one of the executive producers now and a new script/story seems to be in the works.  Also, it is sounding like Justin Lin will be directing who is know for some of the “Fast and the Furious” films.  Maybe Kirk and Spock will go undercover as speedy shuttle pilots – hehe!  anyway, I’m happy we now have a target date and looking forward to another cool and fun Trek film in 2016!

More at these links:  HERE and IMDB

TNG Season 7 Gag Reel

Some great video and a preview of some of the bloopers coming in the season 7 TNG Blu-Ray set that will be here next week.  Some great stuff in this short preview and it’s obvious all of these actors had a blast doing this series and loved their work and each other very much.  Enjoy the clips!

“Star Trek: Horizon” – fan film trailer


Another fan film series is coming set in the era of the “Enterprise” tv series. This features a new crew, a new ship and what looks like the start of the Romulan War conflict. Great job on this trailer and this is suppose to end up being a full two hour movie when it’s completed. Click HERE to learn a bit more and watch the cool trailer below.

“Star Trek 3″ – filming in early 2015

It looks like all systems are go for the next Trek film to start filming early next year with a release most likely in the summer of 2016.  Roberto Orci has basically been working on the story and script and appears to be set to direct this next film in the successful reboot of the Trek film franchise.  It is also expected that JJ Abrams will be along as some type of executive producer of some type even with his work on the next “Star Wars” film deep in the works now.  They are expected to show the Enterprise and her crew out exploring more in deep space and this should hopefully be the most original of the recent films we have seen – which has me very excited.  So, we should be hearing more as we get closer to 2015 and get some early hints at the story and look of this next Trek film.  A few more details can be found HERE.  Live long and prosper!