“Star Trek Day” 2021

See all the recent “Star Trek Day” panels and trailers at the links below.


Shatner visit Trek Sets in NY again

William “Kirk” Shatner visited the amazing sets in upstate New York once again this past weekend.  Amazing stuff and a great chance to meet your hero too!

See a local news story HERE about it all.


“Star Trek: Continues” – “To Boldly Go” – part one

Part one of the two-part series finale for the amazing “Star Trek: Continues” series has been released and it’s awesome!  Really such a great episode and such an amazing series.  I’m so going to miss this when it’s over.  But for now, enjoy the latest episode and labor of love from these true Trek fans and true believers!”




STC: “What Ships Are For”

Great, new episode of this excellent “Star Trek” web series.  This has been a real treat to see what a great job they have been doing with this series and the fact that the quality and stories are both hig calibur and fit so well into the frame of what “Star Trek” is all about.  Enjoy this latest episode folks and drop by their Facebook group HERE and drop them a line on how much you like it.


Comic Con “Discovery” trailer – looking good!

At San Diego Comic Con this week they released a brand new trailer to the upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery” TV series.  Looking great to me – very epic!  Check it out below:


Very excited!

“Star Trek: Discovery” – First Trailer

The first, real trailer has dropped for the upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery” CBS All-Access series.  I think it looks incredible.  Can’t wait to start watching the 15 episode this fall on CBS All-Access.

STC: “Still Treads the Shadow”

Here is the most recent “Star Trek: Continues” fan film titled, “Still Treads the Shadow.”  It guest stars Rekha Sharma who was just announced to be playing security office Landry on the upcoming “Star Trek: Discovery.”  How cool is that!  Check out this awesome episode below to see how well she fits into the Trek universe.


“Starship: Republic” – New Fan Film

A new fan film series is coming called “Starship: Republic.” ¬†They are currently looking for funding HERE. ¬†Learn more about them on their Facebook page HERE and watch their first vignette below.