“Star Trek Continues” – ‘Come Not Between the Dragons’

Latest fan film from this terrific ensemble.  Came out about a month ago.  Really a great story, amazing looking as always, and a new engineering set too.  Definitely give this a watch when you can and enjoy the continuation of TOS – I know I am loving it!

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“Star Trek Beyond” – trailer #2

Here we go with the second trailer for this film opening in the US on July 22nd.  Looks great and I can’t wait!  Exciting times for Trek fans!

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Fan Film – U.S.S. Farragut – “The Crossing”

A new Trek fan film is now up from the Farragut folks called “The Crossing.”  View it here right now and enjoy!

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“Star Trek – Horizon”

A brand new, feature length Trek fan film is now up for your viewing pleasure.  This takes place during the “Enterprise” era and involves the war with the Romulans and some other cool things too.  Very well done with a solid story and good cast.  Check it out and enjoy!

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Star Trek New Voyages: “The Holiest Thing”

A new fan film is up from the “Star Trek New Voyages” team.  Called “The Holiest Thing” it features Kirk and Carol Marcus first meeting.  Good stuff!  Check it out below.

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“Star Trek Beyond” – first trailer

The first trailer (teaser?) has dropped for next summer’s next big, Trek film:  “Star Trek Beyond.”  Due out in July, 2016 and directed by Justin Lin & written by Simon Pegg and others, this looks to be quite an action filled film.  Mr. Pegg has also said recently that there is a solid Trek story and good character stuff as well and all that sounds great to me.  Here is the first look at this upcoming film.

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“Star Trek: Continues – ‘Divided We Stand’

A brand new, Trek fan film has just been released by the excellent “Star Trek: Continues” team.  This is a great, classic style episode that has a great message and is very well produced.  My hat is off to this whole team again for their continuing this excellent work and giving us these classic stores set in the TOS era.  Well done!

“Star Trek: The Cruise” – Jan. 2017


The first ever, officially licensed Trek cruise is taking place in January, 2017.  A good group of guest stars (headlined by William Shatner) will be joining all the Trek fans that attend.  I’m really tempted to go on this since I’ve always wanted to try out a cruise and this looks to be a very special event.  Click HERE to learn more and book your dream cruise now.  Make it so!

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