“How Far We’ve Trekked” – music video

I’ve been having fun with my iMac and I made this music video featuring clips from all the “Star Trek” films to date.  Hard to squeeze clips in from everything but it worked out pretty well I think.  Hope you enjoy this and join Vimeo so you can click the little ‘hearts’ to like a video there.  Enjoy the music video and check out my other work there too.

“Star Trek: Continues – Fairest of them All”

The latest fan film from this terrific group premiered about a week ago and is called:  ”Fairest of them All.”  It’s a direct sequel to the classic TOS episode, “Mirror, Mirror” and picks up right after the end of that episode.  They’ve really nailed the look, feel, and just about everything from TOS for this one folks.  I very much enjoyed watching it and I think you will too.  It’s really wonderful to be getting basically new episodes of TOS over the last several years from the various fan film groups out there.  So, sit back and enjoy the episode below.  It’s terrific and very entertaining!

“Star Trek: Axanar” – trailer


Amazing talent, top notch production values and what appears to be a very interesting story all make me very excited for this new fan film coming soon.  Make sure to notice all the “Star Trek” and “Battlestar Galactica” actors in this one.  Check out the trailer below and be prepared to be blown away.  Looks incredible.  Make sure to watch it in HD.  Enjoy!

Kickstarter for “Star Trek: Phase II”


One of the best and the longest running “Star Trek” fan film series is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete episodes, build new sets, and continue their voyages with new adventures.  This has really been a great series of fan productions with top notch quality.  I urge all Trek fans to donate what you can for this worth effort.  Every dollar donated helps and will be used to create more Trek for all of us to enjoy.  So check out the links below and donate what you can for more Phase II Trek goodness!


“5 Year Mission” – Trek Band


I’ve known about this “Star Trek” inspired band for awhile now but I recently got some more of their music and wanted to post about them.  They do concerts, have multiple CD’s out (digital available as well of course) and play some very cool music inspired by mostly the original series.  Check out their web page HERE and their Facebook page HERE along with their music videos on Youtube (a couple below for you).  I really dig this stuff and I think you will enjoy it too!

iTunes Link


Upcoming Trek on Blu-Ray

Here we have a couple of trailers for upcoming Blu-Ray sets of “Star Trek” seasons.  First, down below we have the sixth season trailer for TNG on Blu-Ray.  They are really doing a great job with these sets and the remastering and new effects just get better and better.  Also, we have the fourth season of “Enterprise” on Blu-Ray coming out soon too.  One of the best seasons of that series and I’m looking forward to getting both for my collection.  Enjoy the trailers!

New Trek fan film, “Lolani” is now up!

The “Star Trek: Continues” group has just put up their second episode, the fan film “Lolani.”  This is a very cool episode, with great production values, solid story and some very cool guest stars too.  I love getting a nice, new episode set in the classic era every few months now.  Really happy to have all these cool fan projects to watch.  So, check out the episode below for yourself and enjoy.  You can find them on Facebook HERE too.

“Star Trek: Secret Voyage” – Pilot


Another cool, Trek fan film series has a pilot episode up for viewing.  This is about another group of explorers set in the original series time era.  I love seeing what people come up with and it’s great to see more fan efforts showing up online.  Check out their pilot episode below and check out their Facebook group page HERE too when you can.  They look to be doing some very cool work!