“Star Trek Discovery” – Lead Actress Picked

The lead actress for “Star Trek Discovery” has been cast and it’s Sonequa Martin-Green of “The Walking Dead” cast.  The talk goes that she will not be playing ‘the Captain’ but probably the First Officer of the main ship for this newest Trek show set to premiere this coming May.  I’m excited by this casting and she seems to be a solid actress from what I have seen on TV.  Other cast members are being locked in too as well.  The show seems to be centering a lot on the Klingons and a possible Klingon Civil War.  Time will tell if this new Trek series can live up to the others in the franchise.  I’m excited to see new Trek on TV after almost 12 years of only a few movies for Trek.

Star Trek Continues: “Embracing the Winds”

This is the latest “Star Trek Continues” Trek fan film that came out a couple months ago.  It’s really great and I hope we get more from this awesome crew.  Check it out below!


“Star Trek: Discovery” – teaser

Released at Comic Con last weekend – here is the first real look at the upcoming early 2017 new “Star Trek” series on CBS All-Access.  Lots of speculation on the web over the last week on the ship design and time frame for the new series.  It has been confirmed by Bryan Fuller that the series will be wet in the Prime (Original) Universe.  Current best guest is the series might be set between the Enterprise series and TOS – but not confirmed as of yet on that.  The CGI below is also just a prototype test look.  But I’m still excited that new Trek on TV is coming soon after over a decade wait.


“Star Trek Continues” – ‘Come Not Between the Dragons’

Latest fan film from this terrific ensemble.  Came out about a month ago.  Really a great story, amazing looking as always, and a new engineering set too.  Definitely give this a watch when you can and enjoy the continuation of TOS – I know I am loving it!

“Star Trek Beyond” – trailer #2

Here we go with the second trailer for this film opening in the US on July 22nd.  Looks great and I can’t wait!  Exciting times for Trek fans!

Fan Film – U.S.S. Farragut – “The Crossing”

A new Trek fan film is now up from the Farragut folks called “The Crossing.”  View it here right now and enjoy!

“Star Trek – Horizon”

A brand new, feature length Trek fan film is now up for your viewing pleasure.  This takes place during the “Enterprise” era and involves the war with the Romulans and some other cool things too.  Very well done with a solid story and good cast.  Check it out and enjoy!

Star Trek New Voyages: “The Holiest Thing”

A new fan film is up from the “Star Trek New Voyages” team.  Called “The Holiest Thing” it features Kirk and Carol Marcus first meeting.  Good stuff!  Check it out below.