Another Podcast Schedule Update

I have some fun stuff coming up during the next several weeks for the podcast.  I’d love to get lots of listener comments about these various subjects.  You can record a short 2-3 minute comment and email it to me anytime and I’ll save it to use on the appropriate show.  Those (and any other comments) all get sent to me at:  So, get ready for a fun summer of podcasts from “Treks in Sci-Fi.”

Schedule Update:

July  12th – Trek Animated Series
July  19th – Quantum Leap
July  26th – DS9 – “Little Green Men”
Aug.  2nd – “Back to the Future” Trilogy
Aug.  9th – TOS – “The Changeling”
Aug. 16th – Soundtrack Music

Schedule update (as of 8/10):

Aug. 16th –  Sci-Fi & Fantasy Soundtracks
Aug. 23rd –  Skype Chat (recorded on Sat., Aug. 22nd)
Aug. 30th –  Guest Cast – “Hitchhiker’s Guide”
Sept. 6th –  4th Anniversary LIVE show
Sept: 13th – VOY – “Body & Soul”


  1. Your schedule quite interesting and I think that it is possible to spend your time usefully!