Podcast # 333 – “Tron” – 1105.29

This weekend I have something very special for all of you.  I do a joint podcast with cohost JediJeff and we cover the first “Tron” film.  We go into a great bit of detail on the early stages of production, through casting, financing, and the overall making of this ground breaking film.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 30 years since the “Tron” film came out in the summer of 1982.  So much has changed in the world of computers, games, and technology since then, but both Jeff and I still feel this film is a lot of fun and has much to offer.  We play several clips from the movie and some of the music used for the score.  I want to give a big thanks out to Jeff for helping me out on this special podcast.  Make sure to check out his site HERE when you get the chance.  And make sure to tune in next weekend when I will be covering the original series Trek episode, “The Retun of the Archons.”  Take care until then and Happy Memorial Day to all my listeners in the good old, USA.


  1. My pleasure to have you aboard for this cast Jeff. It was a lot of fun and you are a great co-host!


  1. […] This past weekend, I was honored to guest host with Rico on the Treks in Sci-Fi podcast. Rico and I covered the first Tron movie that came out back in 1982. We talked a lot about the making of the movie, some behind the scenes facts and trivia, or other aspects of the movie. Rico played some clips from the movie and we commented on them. It was a lot of fun to get the chance to guest host with Rico, and Tron was a lot of fun to talk about.  We also talked a few other topics such as computers from the 80′s, Pong, Star Wars and Star Trek. To find out more, checkout Treks in Sci-Fi, it is podcast number 333. […]