Podcast # 172 – “Babylon 5”

The show this weekend covers another favorite Sci-Fi series of mine. The great and cool, “Babylon 5.”
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For the podcast this week I decided to take a Trek break and cover a different SF series from the 1990’s. But first I start off with the normal news & info. I give a brief review and my impressions of the new “Iron Man” movie (hint – I liked it a lot). Robert Downey Jr. did a great job and this movie really gets the summer movie season started with a bang! I also pass on some more comments from JJ Abrams about his take on the Trek film that is now in post production. We also have a new music segment this week from Vartok on the composer who works on the new “Battlestar Galactica” series, Bear McCreary. Thanks again for doing these great segments Vartok. And I start a new segment this week highlighting opening credit themes from SF & fantasy TV shows that I have enjoyed over the years. I begin with one that I really love. I hope you enjoy this new idea and addition to the show.

Then it’s on to the main topic – “Babylon 5.” This series ran for 5 seasons and besides Trek and a few other shows is one of my favorite all time Sci-Fi series. Created, produced and largely written by J. Michael Straczynski, this series followed a planned 5 year story arc that hadn’t normally been done in Sci-Fi or even other TV series. It took place on the last of the Babylon space stations, which was a port of call and home to several alien races. It featured an excellent cast of actors and extremely well drawn characters. Over the years the series aired you really begin to know all of them and care about them greatly. The show also boasted some of the earliest weekly CGI effects for a Sci-Fi show. The visuals were very impressive and still hold up today – 10 years after the show ended. I discuss some of the characters, ideas and plots that made the series great week after week. I urge anyone that hasn’t watched this series much to give it a try. I promise that you won’t be disappointed. To me it was like the Galactica of a decade ago. One of the best written Sci-Fi series – ever made. Make sure if you enjoy the series to check out the very good “Babylon Podcast.” There are many other great B5 podcasts too. Search them out in iTunes of Podcast Alley.

I wrap up this weekend’s podcast with a very quick look at a Harry Potter collectible. This is a set of four wands as seen in the fourth Harry Potter film, the Goblet of Fire. This set of wands features the ones used by the Tri-Wizard champions. It comes in a nice display case and was made by The Noble Collection. All the wands are very nicely made and the case adds a special nice bonus touch to the whole look of the collectible. It is still available from Noble HERE. Feel free to look at a couple more pictures of the set in my collection gallery HERE. This is a beautiful set and a great item for any fan of the Harry Potter series.

That’s it for this weekend gang. I hope you enjoyed this special, non-Trek oriented podcast. It’s fun to look at others shows once in awhile. But not to worry, next week I will be back with a look at the second season Enterprise episode, “The Crossing.” Take care and enjoy the better weather until then.


  1. jason bell says:

    great podcast

    just one point B5 predates DS9 as the company that made ds9 saw the B5 pitch way before the DS9 series started in about 89 they turned it down.

    people think DS9 lifted B5 not the other way around.


    * shapeshifter
    * fixed station
    * both get a new ship in series 3