Podcast #184 – “First Contact”

This weekend on the podcast I cover my very favorite Next Generation film.  Also some news from Comic Con and other fun geeky talk!  Direct download here:

This week’s show starts off with the usual information and news segments.  Make sure to get your favorite Trek episode videos in for next weekend’s big videocast.  Email me if you have questions or need help getting the file to me.  There is also a new voicemail number for the show.  It is:  206-202-1548 (call me up with a review, comment, etc).  Then we move on and I play a snippet of a Comic Con panel featuring JJ Abrams talking about the new “Star Trek” movie and how happy he is with it.  JJ seems to really be praising the cast and story.  Again, I really think we are in for a treat next May!  We also have a couple of audio reports from long time friend Kenny about his experiences at Comic Con this year.  Thanks again for sending those in Kenny!  Then it’s on to the main topic of discussion, “Star Trek: First Contact.”

This is the second film in the Next Gen series of movies and features no one from the original series.  It is an action packed story and very well put together.  From the script, the acting, the look, everything just really comes together in this movie.  I especially enjoyed Patrick Stewart here in one of his best performances as Captain Picard.  You really get a sense of his deep need for revenge against the Borg and how violated he still feels from his ordeal with them back in the “Best of Both Worlds” episodes.  The whole cast does a great job.  I also enjoyed the guest stars a lot – especially James Cromwell as Cochrane.  He plays him as not a nerdy scientist, but as a real person with some real interesting quirks.  I just love this movie and it was great to watch it again to cover it for the podcast.  Thanks very much to Joe, Meds, Jen & Angela, and Rick & Nathan for sending in their personal comments about the movie.  It really helped round the podcast out to hear from you all.  Great job!

That’s it for this week.  Make sure to come back next weekend for the big videocast and your picks for the “Best Episodes of Trek!”  See you then!


  1. This is my favorite of the TNG movies.. so glad you did a podcast on it. Thanks for playing my comic con bites.