Podcast # 378 – Lost Enterprise – 1204.01

This weekend, guest host Rick Moyer take us all on a cool journey through a lost (unfilmed) episode of the “Enterprise” TV series.  He covers several other subjects too, with some help from his family.  So, I’ll let Rick tell you more about his special fun and geeky podcast:

Hi Everyone!  This is Rick Moyer sitting in the guest host of Treks In Sci Fi this week.  On this 378th show I discuss the Hunger Games book series and movie with my wife Amy and daughter Catherine, share a bit of news from the set of the new Trek film and then cover an episode of Star Trek that was never filmed.  If it had been fans would have gone wild as it was a shout out to many of our favorite Star Trek characters.   Manny Coto, D.C. Fontana and Margaret Armind, all noteworthy writers, were teamed up in writing an epic adventure for Star Trek fans.

I cover the plot synopsis from the writers notes, the casting director challenges and thoughts from the writers if they could have gone on to finish.  Then at the end I play a cool song from my MW-Orbit album.  The episode is full of music, fun and thoughts on what could have been!  Enjoy the Lost Episode of Enterprise.

Thanks Rick so much for pulling together this great show.  I know everyone will love listening to it.  Make sure to come back next weekend when I will be covering the Terminator movies.  Talk to you then and enjoy your week ahead.


  1. Not funny. Really not funny.

  2. Just heard this now, but the biggest giveaway (other than the “Q The Death” title) is the whole “Episode 99 / 100” placement, specifically as the fourth season closer and fifth season opener. The final episode of season four would have been, as it is: Episode 98. “These Are The Voyages” would not have been produced had the series not been canceled, thus “Episode 100” would have been the second episode of season five, not the opener.

    It was also WAY too much of a fanwank with the sheer number of cast members from the previous shows. Plus the depiction of Q isn’t consistent with how he was portrayed towards the end of Voyager.

    Nice try, but even if it wasn’t released on April 1, it was just too obvious it was a joke.