Almost a full scale Enterprise in Vegas?

Yep!  Back in around 1992 before the Trek Vegas Experience opened (later in 1998), an ambitious idea was tossed around to build a full scale replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise that would sit on the ground in Las Vegas and let people visit the Starship Enterprise.  This bold plan of course never took place, but concept art and some preliminary work was done on what it would take to create such an amazing attraction.  I for one would have jumped at the chance to visit such an attraction and I know many people would have felt the same way.  Here’s a bit more on this very cool idea and story from the blog of Gary Goddard of “The Goddard Group”….

My concept was to do something so large and so epic, it would fire the imaginations of people around the world. After looking at how difficult it would be to bring people to the downtown core (from the Strip), I knew we had to have something really exciting, dynamic, and without equal. We kicked around a few ideas, and then I came up with something really unique. I went to Chuck Canciller, my lead designer then – and a genius as well – and said, “What if we built the STARSHIP ENTERPRISE – FULL SCALE – on the land at the end of the street. Imagine that…” Chuck looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but by that time he also knew I was serious about big ideas like this. He immediately started working on some ideas.

His full blog post is HERE.