Podcast # 384 – Skype Chat – 1205.13

This weekend on the show I recorded a Skype chat that took place yesterday with several friends of the podcast as we talked all about “The Avengers” film and other upcoming summer movies.  Almost all of us had seen the movie by this point (some of us have seen it more than once) so we chat about how much we enjoyed the film and how great it was.  The are some slight spoilers during the discussion but nothing huge I think.  It was great to geek out with my friends about this great new Marvel movie.  Besides “The Avengers” we also all touch on a few of the other films we are looking forward to this summer (you might be surprised by some of our picks).  I want to give a big thank you to:  Bryan, Rick Peete, Mark, Joe, Joby, Pete, and Meds for taking some time from their Saturday to talk geeky stuff with me over Skype.  We had a great discussion and I know everyone will get a kick out of what we all had to say.  Tune in next week when guest hosts Jen and Meds will be covering the vampire film “Perfect Creature” for all of you.  Take care and enjoy your upcoming week.


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