Mobile App for “Into Darkness”

Paramount has released a cool new mobile App that will give fans exclusive new content, previews, images, and so forth on the coming new Trek film.  This App is interactive and you have to find images, play trailers, listen to content in order to unlock new features.  I got it on my iPad and I have to say it’s a fun and creative way to market this movie to all the tech heads out there – and even average folks with mobile phones.  It’s seems to work fine on the iPad and is also available for Android systems too.  Check out the links below and make sure to get the App for the big Superbowl game today that is suppose to have a new trailer for the film during the game (in the 2nd quarter I hear).  Have fun!

You can download the free app right now at:

UPDATE: Helpful link

Many of the missions can be accomplished using the Into Darkness media page.

More on the App at the official site: