Podcast # 771 – “Rick and Morty” – 2005.03

This week I take a look at the hilarious TV show, “Rick and Morty.” Of course, I first talk about what I’ve been doing to stay occupied given the still current lock down situation. Still building my Megabloks Enterprise and other things. Lots of fun!

“Rick & Morty” is a great show and I’ve enjoyed it for years. It’s fairly adult and raunchy at times but very, very funny too. Mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty going on a ton of crazy adventures with mainly a Sci-Fi type of bent to them. I plays some clips and give some background on the series. Hope this intrigues you if you’ve never watched it.

Next week will probably be a guest cast. So, until next time take care and stay safe.


  1. Rico, been having technical issues with these podcast (the last two or three). If I start at the beginning it works fine. If I stop the playback and come back later to continue the sound is gone even though it indicates it is continuing based on the time track. I’ve tried the usual ‘fixes’ and none seem to work. Check to see if this is happening to you or others.

  2. I’ve not heard that and I know others have listened just fine. First thing is are you streaming or downloading the whole show? What software are you using to play and get the podcast? It can take sometime for all the various feeds to populate. I just put this show up. Probably better to send me an email to discuss further.

  3. I would love to have a list of all the references in your opening (and closing) music. Is that available somewhere?

  4. The opening music is usually either an original piece of music by Rick Moyer (the one with the audio clips slipped in that starts with I’m Captain Kirk). The other opening music I use often uses a piece of music called “Jumping the Ravine” from “Star Trek: Generations.” The closing music varies quite a bit, but a lot of times I use the End Credit music from the “Star Trek” 2009 film. Hope this helps.

  5. Rico, thanks. The one I was thinking of was the one by Rick Moyer (I thought he might have done it). There is a closing theme I think that starts with someone saying, “Let’s go!”

  6. Definitely a Rick Moyer original tune.