Podcast # 775 – Grab Bag of Thoughts – 2006.07

This week’s podcast is a bit different. With all that is going on in the world I wanted to address it in some way. I begin the show talking about how the comic industry is changing and also about the usual comments on what I’m watching lately. Then I move on to a more serious topic.

“Star Trek” taught me much over the years. And it certainly stressed that the color of your skin or how you look has nothing to do with how you should be treated and so on. The recent unrest and protests due to the death of George Floyd has made the words and hope of “Star Trek” even more meaningful. I play a couple of audio clips to illustrate this and comment as best I can about how I hope we can try to do better. I trust my audience will take this the way it’s intended and I’m certain the Trek fans will certainly understand.

Next week we should have a more regular show. Take care of yourselves and others until next time. Talk to you again soon.


  1. Mike Davis says

    Rico, I know it must have been hard to articulate but that was a really positive and well thought show. Absolutely agree with you. It has to stop.

    We can’t be like the Empire in Star Wars and discriminate against all aliens (races, gender, sexual affiliation). Without differences life would be boring.

    Thanks again

  2. Hey, thanks. Yeah, not easy to talk about but it’s a subject that is important and “Star Trek” certainly has many great examples of showing this better than I can articulate. Thanks for the comment and listening too.

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