Podcast # 807 – TRON Rerun – 2102.14

This week I’m posting up a rerun episode of a podcast done about ten years back in 2011 with Jedi Jeff and me talking all about the “TRON” films. Here is a link to the past show notes, but basically we cover the TRON franchise and of course the films. I love this franchise and I thought if you missed this show the first time this would be a good one to post up again. Enjoy it!

Also, Ryan who is one of the TSF Patreon members won a “Star Trek: Discovery” calendar this week. Congrats Ryan. If you want to support the show, go over to PATREON HERE and sign up.

Next weekend I will be back with doing audio commentary on the very first DISCO episode. Until next time take care and be safe out there.

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