Podcast # 861 – “Where No One Has Gone Before” – 2205.01

This week it’s a classic style podcast. I start out talking about recent TV I’ve watched and a little on this week’s premiere of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” and then it’s on to the main topic. I do a full episode commentary on the early, 1st season TNG episode titled, “Where No One Has Gone Before.” I think this is a great episode and set up several things that would continued through the series. Good stuff!

Next weekend I might be back again with a new episode or use a repeat show. In two weeks I’ll be a Motor City Comic Con as the world continues to come back out of it’s two-year shell of COVID issues. Great looking forward to that! Until next time take care and enjoy your week ahead.


  1. Love it. This style of episode is what really got me into your show back in the 2000s. TNG is my jam.