Podcast #893 – TV Themes – 2302.12

Back again this week with another new podcast. I first chat a little about recent TV and movies and the upcoming season 3 of “Star Trek: Picard” that starts later this week. Then it’s on to the main topic. I love TV opening themes – and I miss them. Many new shows these days have eliminated the opening credit sequence to save time and money. But, I love older show theme songs and they make me feel like I did when watching the shows of days gone by. So this week I play several TV opening themes for you from different decades – starting way back in the 1960’s era. I had a lot of fun with this show and hope you like listening to it as well.

Next week Mark will be here to review an older episode of the classic “Outer Limits” tv series. Hope everyone enjoys the Superbowl later today – or at least the ads and new trailers. Take care and enjoy your week ahead.


  1. I had forgotten until I heard this – we used to play The 6 Million Dollar Man in the backyard as youths. We would start with “She’s breaking up, she’s breaking up.” We would run around in slow motion while trying to do the sound. I was the oldest brother so I had to be Bigfoot and my younger brother was Steve. I had an Oscar action figure with a briefcase – so cool.

    We never watched Man from Atlantis, but we did swim underwater with the dolphin kick like he did because we had seen the commercials

  2. Yeah – cool memories!